26 November 2017

Sunrises, Reflections and Geese

I was up and out the door at 5:30 again this morning. The sky was a mixture of bright pinks and purples.

After half an hour, as the sun was just beginning to rise above the mountain everything changed to a rusty golden hue.

I turned around to take a photo of the willows reflecting in the water when I heard 'honking'.

I didn't have time to adjust the dials on the camera, so these shots aren't that clear, but you'll get an idea.

Once the geese landed they cruised abut the lake, honking. They weren't bothered by me - in fact they swam over towards me.

Around 8:30 there was a hint of a breeze stirring, so I took a few more reflections before the wind increased. Only a couple of minutes after taking these the water became ripply, it didn't take long to change from flat calm to ripples.

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