16 November 2017

Rakaia Gorge

I was looking forward to visiting the 'Rakaia Gorge'. I'd seen photos of the milky turquoise coloured water and had read about a walking track nearby.

The Rakaia River starts from the Southern Alps and travels 150kms before entering the Pacific Ocean just south of Christchurch. It runs through wide shingle beds for most of its length. As it approaches the Canterbury plains it's forced through a narrow channel, which is known as the Rakaia Gorge.

The Rakaia Gorge bridge was completed in 1882 and provides an inland alternative to the more frequently used Rakaia River bridge just north of the township, 'Rakaia'. 

The Rakaia Gorge walk begins from the northern side of the bridge. The view from most of the track looks out over the gorge, but at times is hidden by trees.

The walk passes through several forest and scrub areas before climbing the gorse-lined historic ferryman's track.
It takes about 45 minutes to get to the lookout point.

View from the lookout point.

Discovery Jet Boat taking a tour along the lower Rakaia Gorge.

The track was easy walking. Some parts had nearby branches that I grabbed to keep my balance when climbing up or down a gnarly area. The path was well maintained with a couple of rocky steps winding upwards.

A variety of native plants edge the track, along with a selection of wild flowers.There were even some wild raspberries.

Although the track takes about 3 to 4 hours to get to the end, I couldn't finish it because an area was too boggy to cross. So I returned the same way I'd come.

Unfortunately no dogs are allowed on the track.

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